In today’s marketplace, companies are challenged every day to find new and innovative ways to stay competitive. One of the biggest challenges corporations face is the ability to locate and manage highly skilled technical positions, with the most in-demand of these niche markets being the technical area.

Employers have corporate and government advantages working with HPS.

Hi-Tec Professional Solutions, Inc. (HPS) can provide its clients with the highest quality employees on a contractual or permanent basis. We also offer job seekers flexibility, opportunity, and exposure to many jobs and companies.


Corporate/Government Advantages for working with HPS

  1. Expertise – HPS provides a specialized service and uses a specific process to keep efforts on track.
  2. Cost Savings – because we manage the entire employment process, we relieve employers of costs related to recruiting, pre-employment testing, background screening and drug testing. In addition, employers save money related to the expense of payroll processing and benefits administration. This result is qualified employees at remarkable savings.
  3. Network – we have a large network of available workers in our database and a broad network of associates who are willing to work with us to recruit qualified talent. 
  4. Retention – we focus on putting employees in correct environment to set them up for success.

Engineering Industry Verticals

  • Aerospace Engineering – engineering behind the design, construction, and science of aircraft and spacecraft.
  • Industrial Engineering – focusing on the external dynamics of industrial processes, such as: process management, project management, logistics, human factors, and labor relations.
  • Manufacturing Engineering – concentrating on the internal dynamics of industrial processes, including: machine tools, materials science, supply-chain, and quality control.

Disciplines Serviced

  • Technical Design – Illustrators, Graphic Designers, Structural Designers, and CAD Designer utilizing a variety of design tools (i.e. AutoCAD, CATIA, IDES/SDRC, Pro E, and Unigraphics)
  • Technical Support – Analysts, Data Coordinators and Technical Writers Information
  • Technology – Network Engineers, Desktop/Helpdesk Support, Systems Architects, Data Communications, Software Specialists, Programmer/Analysts, Database Administrators and Web Developers
  • Professional Expertise – Project Managers, Procurement, Business Operations, Logistics, Accounting and Finances, and Administrative Office Support

We Focus On . . . 

  1. Meeting customer expectations
  2. Continual improvement of our service delivery system
  3. Sustaining progressive methods of operation by staying plugged into new technology, training, customer feedback, and employee relations

Contact us so we can tailor a recruiting plan uniquely designed to fit your needs.